Kayla Plaskett


Cole Hardin

Kayla Plaskett and Cole Hardin

There’ll be dancing in the streets

Our Story

After years of crossing paths as casual acquaintances, Kayla and Cole formally met at a mutual friend's graduation party in May of 2015. The mutual friend, Jessica Hanson and her fiancé, Brandon Box, hosted the party at his family's river house. Cole had been camping up river all weekend with friends when they paddled down to join the party. Kayla showed up later, almost not making it at all. When she got there, she took a seat in an empty chair across from Cole. After one "what's up Kayla?" that was it. The two spent the rest of the party catching up and laughing about a mutual hatred of watermelon and tequila. They went on their first date two weeks later at Chef Scott's Sushi Restaurant. It can be confirmed that both Cole and Kayla were so nervous and enthralled in their conversation, they barely touched their food.

After summer came to an end, Kayla and Cole decided to give long distance a try. He went back to Oxford, Mississippi for the fall semester at Ole Miss, over five hours away, and she stayed on the coast. It was five and a half years of trips to and from Oxford, meeting up in different cities for events, music shows, and enjoying their love of traveling together. The Spring semester of 2020 brought Cole home to the coast to continue his classes remotely. After all these years they were finally living in the same area code - as Kayla would joke.

Fast forward to December 2022, after seven and a half years of dating and two and a half years of sharing their home together, Cole popped the question. Kayla had planned a simple day of walking around the New Orleans French Quarter and grabbing dinner. Much to her surprise, Cole had other plans for the night. On a balcony in the French Quarter, just the two of them, with a glowing St. Louis Cathedral in the background, Cole proposed forever and Kayla said yes! But the surprises didn't stop there. Little did Kayla know, Cole had canceled their dinner reservations ten minutes after making them. Instead, he had planned a surprise dinner with their families a few blocks away.

And now here they are, excited to share their next chapter with you all!